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Explore a post-apocalyptic open world

Craft items to rebuild our town

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Attract new tourists and residents


Set Sail Across a Tropical Archipelago

Venture out into the mysterious tropical archipelago peppered with the ruins of a long-destroyed civilization. Dive beneath the waves to salvage the treasures of the old world. Rescue shipwrecked critters. Unearth exotic ingredients. It’s a wondrous world of mysterious ruins, shipwrecks and ancient technology waiting to be discovered.



Craft, Repair & Rebuild Hundreds of Items

As you explore, you’ll find resources to craft hundreds of different items, discover new construction blueprints and bring home unique plants to grow on your farm. Turn mundane salvage into something new and unique, and improve your tourism rating by offering your freshly-grown food to visitors.


Hang Out

Meet Your New Best Friends

You’ll need help to restore the town, and luckily the world of Critter Cove is filled with many colorful characters. Some are easy-going and friendly… others might need some convincing! Rescue Critters across the world, assist them in building homes and help them find the perfect jobs in your community. Their happiness is the key to your success!


Help us save our town!

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